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About Us

The Party Starts Here.

In a time where we are increasingly flooded with information and it’s challenging to get a message across, Parties & Props takes a thoughtful and artistic approach to develop memorable event experiences that stir up emotions, conversations, and create shareable moments.


We specialize in producing innovative, sophisticated and cutting edge events.  We are leaders in the event design, decor and production industry, with a diverse team with backgrounds in theater, event planning, prop building, marketing, event design, nonprofit event management, fundraising, entertainment, brand marketing and more! 

Through our deep experience and countless productions (more than 300 annually), Parties & Props understands that to truly engage a guest, ideas must be fully realized down to the smallest detail.

So whether our creative team of designers comes up with an ambitious concept or we take your amazing ideas and run with them.  We understand what it takes to make your event truly special.

We look forward to collaborating with you and bringing your event vision to life.  Contact us today to schedule a personal consultation, meet the team in person and visit our showroom to find out first-hand why...


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