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This is not just another event.  It is your organizations opportunity to connect people to your mission, to tell your story in a meaningful and impactful way.  It's a unique time, when you have donors and supporters all together in one room, so you need to make an impression! 


With St. Louis being one of the most philanthropic cities in the country, the competition is fierce to stand out amongst the hundreds of organizations vying for the same donor dollars.  This event has to get it right.

At Parties & Props, we have extensive experience producing unforgettable events for nonprofit partners that help  organizations stand out in the crowd and bring their mission and message to the forefront.  We understand the importance of connecting the mission to the theme and we know that when it is done correctly, the results are outstanding!

It's not enough anymore to serve the same chicken dinner, have the same live auction, silent auction, fund a need, award format.  You have to think outside the box and engage the donors on another level - a truly memorable one.  Infusing your event with excitement, a rich, well-thought out theme and a strong message will help your organization create meaningful and lasting impressions on your attendees and take your fundraising to the next level.  We have seen it first-hand, time and time again.  Organizations that make an investment in their event, who raise the excitement level and truly create an experience for their attendees have seen unprecedented gains in fundraising and donor retention.

Let us help you take your event to the next level.  Contact us today for a personal consultation and find out first-hand why... The Party Starts Here!

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