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Corporate Events 

Parties & Props Event Production Group is a recognized leader in designing, producing and implementing creative concepts for corporate events, producing over 300 events annually.

Whether you are producing a small meeting for 50 people or a large event for thousands, we have extensive experience working with corporate partners to ensure their budgets, initiatives, messaging, branding and event objectives are met.  We work closely with your team, becoming a true partner through every step of the process, helping to ensure the success of your event.  ​We know that it takes a village to raise a brand and our team specialized in turning your story into a real experience.

Top to bottom, inside-out, before and after; we are here to make you stand out and truly connect every aspect of your experience.  With us, every element is considered with immense care.  We leave no stone unturned, fill spaces with interactive pieces and make sure you feel something - because, when you're feeling something, so is your audience!

Let's work together to create an unforgettable experience. 


Contact us today, to schedule a tour of our showroom, meet with our team and find out first hand why...  

The Party Starts Here!

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