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Linen & Drape

When it comes to transforming a space with dramatic drapery and linen, Parties & Props has you covered - LITERALLY.  We offer the most extensive drapery inventory in St. Louis with over 80 colors of drape in stock and ready to install. 

We offer luxurious, high-quality fabrics that make a statement. No banjo cloth or short 10' drapes. 

Our inventory consists of 12' and 20' drapes for rooms and 20' - 150' drapes for ceilings. 

In addition to having an extensive inventory, we also offer talented and accomplished professionals with a wide-range of experience working with drapery, linen and soft-goods.  

Transform a Room

Soften a Space

Create a Dramatic Entrance

Make Your Head Table POP

Turn a  Boring Wall into a FOCAL POINT

No matter what your goals are, when it comes to linen & drape - The Party Starts HERE!

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