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Coming From a Place of YES!

Introducing our Core Values - Core Value # 1 - Coming from a place of YES!

When we first started three years ago as Parties & Props Event Production Group, we felt is was important to establish some core values for our organization. It was important us that we not only create these values, but we strive every day to live by them.

Let's face it, no is just not a fun word and we are all about FUN! Which is why one of the first core values we established for ourselves was "coming from a place of YES!".

“To us, coming from a place of yes means that we approach every request with a "can do" attitude.”

Yes, we can do that.

We love telling our clients yes! They come to us with crazy ideas, and they are so excited about them. The last thing we want to do is shoot those ideas down. Instead, we come at each idea with YES in mind and we collaborate with our clients to make it happen. The idea may change or morph a bit, we may have to compromise - but because we approached it from a very positive place, the outcome is one that everyone can be happy with.

Another way we put this core value to work is how we approach change. Let's face it, in the event industry the one that that is inevitable is change. Because we come from a place of YES, when our clients approach us about changing something, it is not an uncomfortable exchange. We make it happen, and the client is pleased because they were met with positivity and not resistance.

Finally, for us coming from a place of YES means that we believe in ourselves and our abilities. We KNOW we have what it takes to reach the desired outcome and we are not afraid to take risks to get there.

Always striving to be better

We still have a lot to learn as an organization, and there are times when we fall short. But, because we have adopted the core value of coming from a place of yes, we are able to turn this on ourselves and say "YES, we can do it better next time" or "Yes, we learned from this".

Our team take a great deal of pride knowing that we make an effort every day to meet (and exceed) our clients expectations and that we are always finding ways to be "yes men and women" and make the client's experience with Parties & Props the best it can possibly be!

The Party Starts Here!

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